Fresh Cream – Foundation

A rigorous course on Fresh (Whipped) Cream Icing & Decoration techniques with an end to end understanding of:

  • Sponge Cake Baking using Scratch Recipes (Vanilla, Chocolate & Red Velvet) (Eggless & with Egg)
  • Understanding Ingredients used for Whipped Cream Cake Making
  • Premixes & their Commercial Usage
  • Whipped Cream Cake Construction (Slicing, Soaking, Layering, Coating & Finishing)
  • Shapes of Cakes : Circle, Square & Heart
  • Flavour Pairing (Black Forest, Chocolate Truffle, Pineapple etc) & Colour Theory
  • Over 30 different Uses of Piping Nozzles for Borders & Cake Side Decorating
  • Usage of other tools & Equipment like Icing Combs for different decorative textures
  • Creating Fresh Cream Flowers Chocolate Cake Making: Truffle/Ganache Making
  • Creating Decorations Using Compound & Coverture Chocolate (Fans, Collars & Piped Garnishes)
  • Mirror Glaze Finish & Gel Drips
  • Cake Costing, Storage, Transportation, Preparation & Packaging
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Note : Students need to carry a Pen, Notebook, Apron, 2 Kitchen Towels every day. On the 1st Day students need to carry containers to take home the baked goodies

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